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About Us

MEW Consultants Limited is a Quantity Surveying and Project Management consultancy formed in 2011.We offer consultancy services in three distinct areas; Quantity Surveying, Construction Management & Dispute Resolution.

The skills of quantity surveying and project management are complimentary and allow the firm to offer cost and contract consultancy services in building construction and civil engineering. This enables us to service not only new build and refurbishment construction projects, but also to provide a complete service for term maintenance, repair and component upgrade works.

We have extensive experience in the provision of surveying services of high value and complex projects. We offer a comprehensive building consultancy service with the flexibility to meet the requirements of our clients and to adapt to changing circumstances

Our Philosophy

  • Client and service driven. MEW has a single-minded devotion to our clients. We work hard to understand your business, how you operate and what you are trying to achieve. In summary, we look for solutions not problems.
  • Thorough and effective. MEW is reliable in cost estimates, and construction and management consultancy advice is well thought out.We simply aim to offer sound, professional advice.
  • Reliable, responsive and flexible. MEW has established relationships with highly demanding corporate clients by being reliable and
    responsive. We are proactive in identifying problems in advance and being flexible in how we think.
  • Cost effective. MEW aims to provide you with excellent value for money, a professional service at affordable rates.
  • Global yet personalized. MEW prides itself in offering the benefits of a consultancy that combines extensive international experience with the benefits of a personal, partner led service. We place emphasis on building continuity through close working relations with our clients.

Our quality assurance is driven by;

  • Procurement of high quality technology;
  • equipment and software applications;
  • Continuous professional development;
  • Membership in professional associations;
  • Deployment of professional personnel for operations and knowledge transfer;
  • Procurement of business contracts to support transformation and growth needs.

Our Values

Reflects our belief in the professionalism and the pride with which we approach our work: Respect, Ethical Practices, Integrity, Innovation.Collaboration, Professionalism & Excellence.

Our Mission

  • To attract, develop, and retain highly trained and motivated people with integrity and to enable them to achieve their maximum potential within the MEW philosophy. MEW is an equal opportunity employer.
  • To maintain a strong financial management and control system to meet the commitments to our clients and to sustain MEW’s organic growth.
  • To establish name recognition, brand, corporate image and growth of our business sufficient to create profits, career growth and increase shareholder value.

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Our Project Clients Say

“Let me say that I have always enjoyed our interactions and have the utmost respect for your work as quantity surveyor and professional.If I can ever be a support to your career in the future,please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via Linkedin.”

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Trusted Clients