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Construction Contracts

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Advise on the best form of Construction Contract whether Standard or Bespoke and whether a re-measure, lumpsum, guaranteed maximum price or cost plus contracts. Advise on how best to structure to Construction Contract including (1) Traditional Design-Bid-Build (2) Design and Build (3) Turn-key (4) EPC (5) Management Contracting (6) Various Public Private Partnership Arrangements

Construction Dispute Resolution

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We offer a wide range of dispute resolution services ranging from mediation and conciliation to adjudication and arbitration. We also provide expert witness services or can perform expert determination services. Construction Adjudication Mediation Dispute Review Board Dispute Avoidance / Adjudication Board Arbitration

Preparation of Bills of Quantities

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We offer BoQ preparation services in whatever format required, whether in trade or elemental form.We also prepare priced activity schedules.Depending on the level of detail, our BoQs can either be on the basis of provisional quantities or on firm quantities. Budgetary Process Cost Estimating Cost Planning

Construction Cost Estimates

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Types of Estimates include:- 1) Rough Order of Magnitude Estimates based on (a) The Unit Method (b) Floor Area Method 2) Semi-detailed Estimates based on (a) Elemental Cost Analysis 3) Detailed Estimates based on:- (a) Bills of Quantities for full Contracts (b) Schedule of Materials / Bill of Materials for Labour Only Contracts or